Patients prescribed or given the wrong medication or injured due to medication side effects.


Every hospital, HMO and doctor's office is supposed to follow basic patient safety rules.

Like all of us - bus drivers, accountants, construction workers, lawyers, we all have rules to follow.  And nurses, doctors, hospital techs, specialists, consultants are no different. Everyone in healthcare has rules to follow - rules that are in place to keep patients safe.

So if you think someone you know was seriously injured because someone in healthcare didn't follow the rules, or a hospital didn't have a system to make sure the right thing was done, call us or send us a confidential email.  We'll give you as much information as we can about preventable medical mistakes in D.C., Maryland or Virginia and holding the healthcare system accountable for breaking the rules.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported an increase in the number of people needing hospital treatment because of medication errors - being prescribed the wrong medication by a doctor, having the wrong medication filled by the pharmacy or taking the wrong dosage.

In 2004 1.2 million people were injured due to medication errors; by 2008 it was 1.9 million people.

The Institute of Medicine previously found that medication mistakes were the most common medical error.

So what can be done about it? 

Better communication is the key - among prescribing doctors, HMOs and hospitals, physicians who order tests, pharmacies and patients.  So many times, we see lack of communication or communication breakdowns among physicians, HMOs and hospitals leading to patients being injured or dying.  Many times, lack of communication harms the patient and can be the basis of preventable medical malpractice in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.   

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