Doctors' heavy workload associated with increased medical mistakes.

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Every year approximately 98,000 people die in hosiptals across the country because of preventable medical errors according to an article in Medical News Today.  

This is part of a disturbing trend in medicine, where medical errors are happening so often that they've become the third leading cause of death in our country - behind only heart disease and cancer. 

What are some of the reasons why there is so much medical malpractice?

Medical experts are exploring another potential big reason for the high rates of medical errors: heavy workloads in hospitals. 

A survey done by researchers at John Hopkins University shows that nearly half of doctors in the U.S. consider excessive workloads to be undermining the safety of their patients, and some even admitted that the deaths are caused simply by having too many patients in a short period of time. Still, we all deserve a high level of care when we go to the hospital or doctor - no matter who else is there!!

With heaver workloads, patient safety rules can go out the window. Doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals can forget, or simply not have time, to check charts, give follow up advice, and follow other procedures to make sure their patient is safe. Especically if doctors, nurses and hospital staff aren't working as a team, these issues can multiply, causing more preventable errors and harming more patients in the hospital

We've seen medical malpractice in Washington, D.C. hospitals because doctors were too busy or in a rush.

These are preventable medical errors that can cause serious injuries to hospital patients. 

Most of the time when a patient is severely injured or dies because of negligent medical care in a hospital, there are systems errors - doctors not calling in the right specialist for the patient's condition, test results not reviewed by the the doctor who ordered them, patients discharged without the right test or exam - and no system in place to make sure mistakes don't get repeated.  Usually, it's several doctors or nurses who have the opportunity to catch and fix medical mistakes and change the oucome but don't.  

We fight to make hospitals accountable when they don't follow the rules and cause serious harm to pateints.  If someone in your family was severely harmed by medical treatment in a hopital ni DC, MD, VA call us to talk about helping you get the resources your family needs to take care of your loved one. 

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