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A recent national study, "The Silent Treatment: Why Safety Tools and Checklists Aren't Enough to Save Lives" shows nurses workers don't talk to other healthcare providers (doctors, specialists, nurses, technicians) about patient safety violations and other patient safety issues.

The preliminary study, recently released but not yet published, revealed that more than 50% of the study participants witnessed dangerous shortcuts that caused harm to a patient or a "near miss", but only 17% of those nurses discussed the event or dangerous shortcut with a medical colleague.

This certainly makes patients ask:  Why is it that hospital nurses don't tell a doctor, specialist, nurse, nursing supervisor, etc. when they see a patient safety measure being violated?

And couldn't these hospitals, HMOs, doctors and nurses prevent medical malpractice through better communication, or by simply speaking up when they see a patient safety rule being violated, incompetence or medical mistakes that harm patients?

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