What is Cerebral Palsy Awareness?

Cerebral Palsy awareness is just simply knowing what it is! Children who are born with cerebral palsy may have had an issue with motor skills, developmental delays, and that sort of thing. Cerebral palsy can range from being mild to severe, from being fully able to care for self once grown, to being fully dependent on someone else.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of CP

Here's how to find out if your cerebral palsy was preventable 

The stories that we love to tell are of people who have defied the odds, and thrived in spite of these types of challenges - the stories of parents and children who are living great lives!

One of the sites that we love, celebrating Cerebral Palsy Awareness, is this one! Every day they post stories of great kids and great families doing great things, sharing tips and advice, struggles, and best of all, pictures!

Check them out today! And join in the voices of people celebrating Cerebral Palsy Awareness.



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