The Adjuster Wants to take a Recorded Statement After An Accident

Is Your Insurance Adjuster Asking for a Recorded Statement

You may be thinking 'what's the harm? I have nothing to hide.'  Regardless of whether it seems like an issue or not at the time, at Donahoe Kearney we will always vehemently advise you to not give a recorded statement to a claims adjuster. 

The reason: they are not on your side. The job of any insurance claims adjuster is to "limit their liability" which in regular terms means that they will be looking for any opportunity to pay you less. The insurance company's primary goal is to make money for it's shareholders, not to make up for the harms and losses they cause you. And remember that old saying "what you say can be used against you" -  insurance adjusters have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of statements and are trained to do so in a way that minimizes your claim and your injuries - often even before you know the full extent of the injuries or while you are still on medication and worried about your health, medical treatment, and whether you can go back to work. You're probably going to say something wrong, something you don't mean, something you wish you hadn't said...and the insurance company training manuals and phone interview scripts, well, they know most people will say the wrong thing, or something that will hurt their case, sometimes because they are trying to be "helpful." 

They may tell you they can't accept your claim unless you give a statement.  They are just trying to frustrate you so you don't enforce your rights. So don't give a statement without at least talking to a lawyer first.  There is no reason for it.

What Are the Right Things to Do After a Serious Car Accident in DC, Maryland, or Virginia?

Take your time and start healing from your injuries before you talk to the insurance company.  And our clients don't have to talk to the insurance company - ever.  We do all of that for them. If you've been in a serious accident and you feel like you are being "handled" by your insurance company? Contact us today at 202-393-3320 and you will speak with an experienced person who can help you take the next steps in your claim.

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