An Experienced DC Workers Comp Lawyer Will Make Sure The Insurance Company Doesn't Take AdvantageIs It Worth Getting A Workers Comp Lawyer in DC? Of You After A Serious Injury.

Let's face it, if you have a serious injury at work in the DC area, you're now in an unfamiliar, confusing workers comp system - one that favors insurance companies.  And you can't rely on the workers comp insurance company to protect you - that's not their job.

If you've worked hard for everything you've gotten your whole life, and you're now worried about losing everything after a serious injury because you can't work, call us now at (202) 393-3320.

The insurance company will never tell you about the benefits you are really entitled to. They will take advantage of people who do not have a DC workers comp lawyer (or who hired a lawyer who does not specialize in DC workers comp).

As nationally recognized attorneys, authors and advocates for people with serious injuries and disabilities, we understand what you and your family are going through - and what you're up against. 

How Much Does A DC Workers Comp Attorney Cost?

First, all attorneys fees and costs in DC workers comp have to be approved by the Office of Workers Comp or an Administrative Law Judge.  Attorneys fees are limited to 20% of the benefits the lawyer gets for you in a lump sum, after a hearing or in a settlement - so if a new lawyer charges 20% and one who has 27 years experience, wrote a book on workers comp law and is a nationally Board Certified Trial Lawyer, charges the same amount, why would you go with the new, inexperienced lawyer?

Insurance company studies have shown that injured workers without a lawyer receive lower settlements and benefit amounts (I know because I used to be an insurance lawyer so I know how the other side works)

The best DC attorney for you and your family will guide you through the entire legal process and be with you every step of the way - to help you get the financial and medical benefits you need to be secure, in control and independent after a serious injury - at least that's the way we do it.

Plus, the attorneys fees are contingent - so the lawyer has to win or settle or resolve your case successfully.

Are There DC Workers Comp Cases Where You Don't Need A Lawyer?


If you have a minor injury and are back to work without any problems or only saw a doctor once or twice, you can probably handle that case yourself (we actually give away a package of resources to help you do just that - including all the forms you need to file to start your workers comp case.

But if you are a high wage earner, have more than one job, need surgery or ongoing medical care and can't work, or have a permanent injury, you should at least talk to a lawyer about your case (we have a list of interview questions you can ask any DC workers comp lawyer you're considering - because unless you've been through the workers comp process in DC, how do you know what to ask?)

Call Our Experienced DC Workers Comp Lawyers Today.

We'll be honest with you - if we don't think you need a lawyer, we'll tell you that and give you a packet of resources you can use to help yourself, so there is no risk or obligation to call, and it's completely confidential.

If you do need a lawyer, we can help. We make it easy on you.  We do everything for you.

Call us today at 202-393-3320 to get started.

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