A workers comp insurance company won't pay for medical treatment for an injured worker who is the owner of the business and has paid premiums for 20 years.

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Here's a true story that shows what's wrong with workers compensation insurance companies.

The owner of a local small business is an employee of the business and has been paying workers compensation premiums to cover the owner and all other employees if they get hurt at work.  The owner has been paying for years and years - and the insurance company happy is happy to cash the check every year.

Last year the owner fell at work and had to be hospitalized for the on the job injuries.  He continued to work so the small business wouldn't suffer but needed follow up medical care for the injuries.  The work injury was witnessed by an employee, happened at work while performing work duties and was reported to the workers comp insurance company.

And the insurance company denied it - no reason.  We just don't believe you, so prove it.  They sent the injured worker to one of their notorious insurance doctors, who did the usual 5 minute litigation exam and said you're fine and must be faking. 

That doctor was also the wrong specialist for this injury.

The injured worker began treating with the appropriate medical specialist and after proper (but severely delayed by the insurance company) treatment, the injuries resolved.

The moral of the story - don't trust your workers comp insurance company.  If they treat someone who pays their premiums like this, how will they treat everyone else who gets hurt at work?

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by Shatil May 7, 2013 at 02:54 PM
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