Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion are Covered Under D.C. Workers Comp

If a construction worker feels a pop in his back and gets hurt lifting a stack of rebar, that's clearly a work injury covered by workers compensation in D.C.

But some injuries or conditions occur over time - there is no one moment where you feel the pop, strain, etc., its more of a gradual onset.  What if your job as a mechanic, writer, chef, court reporter or do any job that requires the same movement over and over and you develop carpal tunnel syndrome, de Quervains, tendinitis or some type of nerve problem?

What Date Should You Use for Your Workers Comp Claim if the Injury Occurred Over Time?

In D.C. workers compensation, the date the doctor tells you that your condition is related to work activity (or you reasonably should have known that) is the date of your injury for workers comp purposes.That's important because you have 30 days from that date to give your employer notice.

And notice doesn't mean saying your hand is bothering you or you need to go to the doctor - it means (and be specific here) telling your supervisor that you have this problem and it is related to your work - in other words it was caused by work or work contributed to or aggravated the condition.

You Need to Give Notice to Your Employer by Telling Your Supervisor That the Injury is Related to Work Activity.

Notice is a critical step in D.C. - many people with legitimate injuries never get workers compensation benefits they deserve because they don't give proper notice of the injury, especially if it was caused over time. Workers comp insurance adjusters are trained to look for a lack of notice in every claim - don't let them delay or deny your benefits for an on the job injury because you didn't tell them in time.

Take these steps if your work injury was caused from doing the same thing over and over

  • seek medical attention after a work injuryMake sure your doctor says your work activity caused or contributed to the injury
  • Get the doctor to put that in writing
  • Tell your supervisor or HR that your injury was caused by work within 30 days
  • File your D.C. workers comp claim forms - only you or your lawyer can do this (we have these so call and we can help)!

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