Hurt At Work As A Banquet Server At A Hotel In Washington, D.C.

Most people don’t understand a physical the job of banquet server is. At most hotels in DC, the professional waitstaff have to set up for large events, carry the tables and chairs into place, and sett up many of the serving stations. And of course the banquet servers need to serve 10 to 12 people at a table, clear all of the dishes, and break down all of the serving stations.

Working as a server, or a waiter or waitress, is a fast paced job. In most DC hotels, like the Omni or Marriott, banquet servers need to really hustle, going up and down stairs, in and out of kitchens, and throughout the hotel.
Banquet servers often have to carry 75 pounds or more, pushing carts that weigh well over 100 pounds, and of course bending, lifting, and reaching to do their job.
It’s a job where people are often hurt when they slip or fall in the kitchen or going up and down stairs, lifting a heavy bus tray, extending to lift and set up a coffee station, and doing any of the physical duties the job requires.
We have helped a number of banquet servers working in DC hotels who have been hurt on the job, and common injuries include rotator cuff tears, herniated discs or back injuries, and knee injuries that require surgery. Unfortunately, many times, you can’t return to this type of heavy duty work after a serious injury. And most DC hotels do not have light duty work.
For an experienced banquet server who was working a lot of overtime, that can mean a substantial loss of income.

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