Your family depends on you.  Are you going to let them down?

An on the job injury changes everything.

You go from providing a nice living to not being able to work.  Spending hours waiting for doctors and specialists, doing PT and going to appointments.  Waiting for the mailman, anxious and nervous that your workers comp check won't be there and you'll have to call the adjuster who is too busy or the nurse case manager who says "call the adjuster."  Classic.

You and your wife look at the bills together, nervous about the future.  And you've got to deal with pain, medications, understanding the doctors who never have time to explain what you need.

If this sounds like you after a work injury, you're not alone.

You're in a difficult, complicated workers comp system that is already stacked against you in every way you can think of - that workers comp adjuster (who has probably handled thousands of cases for the insurance company) has an army of doctors, nurses, case managers, lawyers and other professionals behind her.

Who do you have?

Because there is a lot of bad information and advice out there - from your company, co-workers, family, even many lawyers...

Who can you trust?  And how do you know?

First, get a copy of our book and read it. It's not legalese or mumbo jumbo case law.  It's plain English, written just for you.

And then start looking for a lawyer who can help you and your family.  Someone who can take care of all of the legal stuff, and take away some of that worry and anxiety, so you can focus on getting better. 

Get started today by filling out our online order form or calling us at (202) 393 - 3320.  We'll ship the book to you - and it's free.  No risk or hassles and you can speak to a real person, a member of our team who actually wants to help you - so old fashioned, right? 


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