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Meet Mark, a 53-year-old male who recently had his Long-Term Disability case denied after he fought the insurance company alone, following a pretty serious accident that left him unable to return to work.

Mark worked as a private contractor in the construction business for more than thirty years. He went to work every day enjoying what he did and was proud to be able to provide for his family. Mark was never one to look for the “easy way out” either; he knew that the right way was generally the hard way and Mark did the right thing all his life.

Unfortunately, life is always throwing us curve balls, and Mark had one of the worst curve balls thrown at him early in the spring one year when his brother suddenly passed away. Mark was close to his brother and the two enjoyed their friendship more and more as they got older. As tragic as the death of his brother was, Mark had no way of knowing that he would soon be facing even more trials.

After his brother’s funeral, Mark was returning to his truck with his wife and their two adult children and three grandchildren walking beside him. The parking lot where his truck was parked is up a significantly steep incline. There was a cement staircase built into the hill, but the more elderly attendees were taking their time ascending the steps, so Mark decided to walk up the hill in the grass. Although the lawn was well maintained, a patch of overgrown grass disguised a very shallow hole along the path he was climbing. Without warning, Mark’s foot fell into the hole causing him to lose his balance and fall sideways onto his right shoulder. The jolt of the fall was so sudden and strong that Mark was unable to stabilize himself on the ground and he began sliding and rolling down the hill. Faster and faster he fell, hitting what felt like every bone and joint in his body full force against the grown below him. He eventually came to a stop when he collided with a tree at the base of the hill bordering the cemetery where he’d just buried his dear brother.

Unable to move, his wife yelled out to anyone who could to come to his aid. There were more than enough people to help, however Mark had no control over his left leg or right arm and was in excruciating pain. He would need to be carried if he was to get anywhere.

The paramedics were soon on the scene and loaded Mark onto a stretcher and into an ambulance where he was taken to the emergency room. The doctors took x-rays and it was discovered that Mark had a broken leg, dislocated shoulder, a broken forearm, and a shattered wrist. The prognosis was grim, and the doctors told him it would be a long time and a tough road ahead with many physical therapy sessions required before Mark was able to return to any sense of normalcy.

Mark is a fictional character based on real-life scenarios 



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