How Much Is A Herniated Disc Worth In DC Workers Compensation?

A herniated disc, sometimes also called a slipped disc, is a common work injury for anyone who has a job that requires them to lift and carry heavy objects or tools, push and pull carts, turn patients, and almost any activity that involves using your back or neck.
At first, you probably think that you just pulled something or hurt your back or neck at work and reported the injury as a back injury or neck injury, or some kind of strain. That’s OK – the important thing is to report your injury to your employer properly, making sure you tell a supervisor or your HR department that you were hurt at work and exactly how it happened.
In the DC workers compensation system, you can get workers comp benefits for a herniated disc if it prevents you from working. In order to prove you cannot work and are entitled to benefits, it is important to see your doctor regularly and make sure that you have a work note or disability slip that indicates you cannot return to your regular job duties because of your injury.
DC is also sometimes called a “wage loss“ jurisdiction because the benefits for a back or neck injury are based on your inability to work, or to only be able to do light duty work, unlike in Maryland's workers compensation system. For example, in Maryland there is no percentage disability, disability rating, or permanent injury rating for an injury to your back or neck.
If your doctor says a herniated disc causes problems, like numbness tingling or weakness in your arms or legs, you can receive a permanent partial disability impairment rating to the arms or legs that are affected. Usually, in evaluating the settlement range for a case involving a herniated desk, we analyze the long term wage loss affects, compare that with your pre-injury job duties and the amount you earned in that position, any residual employment capacity you have, among a number of other factors.
Unlike in some states, in DC there is no cookie-cutter approach to settling a worker’s compensation case based on a herniated disc, or any injury for that matter. It can make it more difficult to evaluate your case, but often a thorough and proper evaluation and analysis will make your case more valuable to you and your family.

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