The long-term benefits and consequences of using drugs meant for those with diabetes to prevent diabetes is unknown. Luckily there are other prevention methods.

How to Avoid Diabetes without the Aid of Medication

Diabetes packs a devastating one-two punch. The disease itself causes serious problems and complications on its own, but a person with diabetes is often more likely to develop other more severe medical problems over time, such as cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid or prevent diabetes, especially in those without a family history of the condition. In some cases, drugs that are meant to treat diabetic patients are being prescribed and used as preventative measures against getting the disease. Though this method may work, the long-term benefits and consequences of this approach aren't yet known.

The good news, according to researchers at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), is that there are other ways to prevent diabetes - without ever having to take medication. Early analysis of medical research has shown that adding these five simple steps to your daily life can dramatically reduce your risk of getting diabetes:

- Exercise more often

- Drink less alcohol

- Stop smoking

- Avoid obesity

- Eat a diet high in fiber and low in fat

These may be common sense tips, but research shows that the cumulative effects of all five steps reduce the  risk of diabetes significantly. In fact, the NHLBI study showed that men who adhered to all five steps at the same time had an approximately 72 percent lower risk of getting diabetes. In women who followed all the steps, there was an 84 percent drop in diabetes risk (when compared to those who followed none of the steps).

The website also has all kinds of information you can use in reducing the risk of the disease or if you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic - like 10 minute exercises and healthy, quick recipes

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