How Do You Find a Lawyer You Can Trust if You Were Seriously Injured and Need Help?

You may be wondering how you can choose the best lawyer for your serious injury case; out of all the ones who say they are injury and accident attorneys in D.C., all the T.V. commercials, the Google Ad Words and everything else.

We think choosing the right lawyer for your case comes down to one thing and one thing only - trust.

Here's why you should trust us with your case. 

1.  We do things much differently than everyone else.  We're offering you information: books, legal guides and reports so you can learn about the legal system, what you may be up against, and what to expect before you even talk to a lawyer.  These are all written by us, and they are all free, with absolutely no obligation, to anyone injured in D.C., Maryland or Virginia.  

We have extensive materials and resources for anyone with a child who has cerebral palsy, developmental delay, or other special needs, or who believes they were harmed by the healthcare system and needs to hold a hospital, HMO or doctor accountable. 

We want you to have as much information as possible before choosing a lawyer. It's an important decision, and we want you to make the one that's best for you and your family; even if that's not us. 

2.  We are exclusive. What does that mean? We only help people with serious injuries caused by the medical system, another driver or at work, and we limit the number of clients we represent by choice.  We don't take every case that comes in the door.  We do this so we can put all of our time, energy and, resources into helping you. 

If you want a lawyer who takes every case or because he advertises on TV, we're just not right for you. We're not TV lawyers.  We don't have to be.

3.  We make sure we can help you and your family.   We don't take a case unless we can make a difference in your life.  If your injuries were not serious or we don't think you have a case, we'll tell you that straight up.

4.  Our clients know what is happening in their case.  We actually listen to our clients.  We actually talk to our clients.    

Do you have questions? Need more information? Need Help Right Now? 

If you've been researching lawyers and  think we may be the right lawyers for you and your family, call us.  A real person will answer the phone and help you. 

If you're not sure and need information right now, just go to our "More Info" page for educational videos, books, reports, and answers to 243 frequently asked questions. 

Feel more comfortable if we contact you?  Just email [email protected] and ask for a confidential intake form . We will call or email you promptly.

If you'd like to hear what other people have said about working with us, take a look at our reviews page to see for yourself why people trust us. 

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