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Are you sure that your echocardiogram is being read by a cardiologist? WHAT??

Many times an echocardiogram is ordered because someone is short of breath or has chest pain.  I don't know about you, but I want my echocardiogram (and my families' and friends' and clients' and co-workers' and neighbors' ) read by a physician, not a tech.  And I want my hospital to have a system that requires doctors to review the results of important medical tests. 

Are you sure that your echocardiogram is being read by a physician?

Talk about needlessly endangering its patients and preventable medical errors.  Every hospital should have safety rules in place that make sure important test results are reviewed by doctors.

This is a simple way to prevent medical malpractice in a hospital - make sure the right doctor has reviewed the patient's test results before the patient is discharged.

Have you been catastrophically injured because a hospital or physician failed to follow up on or properly review your rest results? Call us today at 202-393-3320 and also download our free book: A Patient's Guide to Medical Malpractice. 

You will uncover the truth about medical malpractice, and discover the next steps to take after a catastrophic injury.

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