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In personal injury cases (any case where someone has been hurt in an accident for example), many people will ask if they need a lawyer in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Well, sometimes you may not need a lawyer, especially if the injuries are minor and really won't affect you for more than a few days. But if there are major injuries that require hospitalization, surgery and leave you unable to work and provide for yourself and your family, you should at least consult with a lawyer to protect your future.

When you're thinking about hiring a lawyer to represent you, your first meeting should be all about you - what you and your family need and what you are going through.  At our law firm, we'll give you books, guides and reports we've written for you to help understand the process and what we expect from you. 

Unfortunately, many lawyers advertise for injury cases and many other types of cases.  But they don't specialize in any area of the law.  And don't settle for a lawyer or firm you don't trust or isn't qualified to help you with this specific case.  An honest, ethical lawyer will explain your rights, the law, and the process.  You should have a good sense of trust and be willing to follow the lawyer's advice, but also be able to work well together.

For any serious injury case, take your time to find the right lawyer for you and your family - you are not buying a used car and there shouldn't be a high pressure situation.  You have the right to ask questions and have all of your questions answered.

But don't procrastinate in looking for the best lawyer after an accident.  It seems like every week we turn someone away because they waited too long to contact us.  We need time to prepare your case so we can help you and your family, and we won't take a case unless we can do that properly (so don't call us if your statute of limitations runs next week).

We wrote books and guides outlining the importance of hiring a lawyer and what to expect when you hire the right lawyer in DC, Maryland and Virginia. These books and guides are FREE and you can request them by sending us an email at [email protected]calling our offices at (202)-393-3320 or heading over to our resources page to download them.  

If you need to talk about your accident, injuries and what you need to do, just call us.  The call is free and confidential and if we can't take your case, we'll get you information that can help adn we try to refer you to someone we know and trust.

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