Holiday Season and Drunk Driving - How to Stay Safe On the Road

The holidays are fast approaching. Though there is no nip in the air (it's reported that Christmas Day in DC will be a whopping 66°!it's still a very dangerous time of year to be on the road. 

According to, Thanksgiving (check out our Thanksgiving post on the topic), Christmas Day, and New Year's Day are especially dangerous. We've gotten past Thanksgiving, but it's Christmas and New Year's celebrations we have to be careful about. 

The usual tips still apply: don't drink and drive; don't text and drive; and be aware of your surroundings. 

But a lot of people are stressed this time of year and they make choices that can harm themselves and others.  

And there's even more reason to follow these tips this time of year - Sobriety checkpoints. They are frequent around the holiday season, especially on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve, and will no doubt catch those who drive under the influence at this time of year. 

 Stay safe on the road this holiday season. 




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