Tired of all of those Lawyer ads for accident cases? This free e-book will help you get started with what you need to know after an accident.

After a serious accident, you probably have questions on how to get started.  People we talk to who've been in accidents in D.C., Maryland and Virginia have never been in this situation before and usually have one or more questions, like:

  • Should I use my health insurance to pay for medical treatment?
  • How long do I have to file a claim with the insurance company?
  • Should I sign the forms the insurance adjuster sends me?
  • Do I really need a lawyer for my claim?
  • Are the laws different in D.C., Maryland in Virginia - does it matter where I live or where the accident happened?
  • If I need a lawyer, what can I expect and how does the process work?

Well, you won't get the answers from TV commercials, the Yellow Pages, pay per click internet ads or the side of a bus...

And you won't find us in any of those places either.  As Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers, we're different, old fashioned, some would say. That's why we've published an e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Accidents in the DMV (maybe we're not that old fashioned, DMV is what kids call D.C., Maryland and Virginia these days).

It's all about how to get started and something you can read in the comfort of your own home and make your own decisions about whether you need a lawyer and what kind of lawyer you want. 

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