Happy Thanksgiving! Make It Good By Staying Safe On the Road

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Everyone here at Donahoe Kearney would like to wish you a joyous and safe Thanksgiving this year. 

It's Holiday Season which means time off work, more time with family, and unfortunately, an increase in traffic and car accidents. Millions of Americans are traveling today, tomorrow and this weekend, alot of them headed to "Grandma's" house, and most of them are going by automobile. So, that means an increase in the number of accidents on our major higways. 

According to Discovery.com, Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most dangerous for driving.  But, there are still ways to stay safe during this time. And, the regular advice still holds true. Here are 3 easy tips!

3 Easy Tips:

1) Don't drink and drive: Make sure you have a designated driver if you'll be sampling the spiked egg nog this year.  

2) Don't text and drive: Whatever the message you have to send, it can wait. If you have to, pull into a gas station/parking lot (NOT the side of the highway), send the message and continue on your drive.

3) Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Make sure you're using all of your car's mirrors. This way you can avoid an accidenct behind or to the side of you.


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