Are You Frustrated Because The Insurance Company Is Delaying Your Benefits?

If you've recently been seriously injured at work, you may be wondering what the workers compensation company is responsible for and how to start Getting Your Benefits Started After A Work Injury in DC receiving benefits from them. If you're like most people you've never been injured before, and your employer is not going to hand you a manual on how it all works.

It's a good thing our Atttorney Frank Kearney wrote "Protect Your Rights, The Ultimate Guide to DC Workers Compensation." It's the only book written just for injured workers in Washington, DC and acts like a manual for workers compensation and how to get your benefits. Don't talk to an insurance adjuster, nurse case manager or insurance doctor without reading through it. There are lots of tricks and tactics the workers comp insurance company uses to delay and deny legitimate injuries and workers comp claims in D.C., Virginia and Maryland and for the sake of yourself and your family, you should be familiar with them.

How To Get Your Income Replaced And Medical Treatment Auththorized After a Serious Work Injury in DC

Depending on the workers comp insurance company involved (Travelers, Sedgwick, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual), they need different levels of verification to get your benefits started. Most of the time, if an injury is witnessed and a foreman or supervisor took you to the hospital, they will start benefits as long as the doctors say you can't work (remember, there is a waiting period in most states before benefits start; for example, in DC, you will not be paid for the first 3 days out of work unless you are out for a whole week or more).

If you got hurt, went back to work and now can't work, that will sometimes be an excuse for delay because now a doctor must certify you cannot work as a result of the injury.  Most doctors put this in their reports but the report isn't available yet.  And a lot of these national workers comp companies may also transfer your claim to a different office or department once you start missing time from work due to your injuries, so the new adjuster is not familiar with your case, and uses that as an excuse for more delay. They may even schedule you to see an insurance doctor, who will most likely say that you are fine and can go back to work. 

We had a case recently with a significant, life threatening injury to a construction worker who was hospitalized and needed surgery for an undiagnosed condition, but had gone back to work for a few days.  Most insurance companies want a doctor's note saying the hospitalization and surgery are related to the fall, but that is difficult to get when you're in the ICU.  If you're hospitalized, try to get your attending physician to at least write a note indicating that your injuries happened at work and that you were hospitalized and cannot work as a result.    

You Need To Get Your Income Replaced And Medical Treatment Going As Soon As Possible. Get The Lawyer Who Wrote The Book On DC Workers Compensation

We work on this all the time for the workers we represent. Call us today at 202-393-3320, to speak with a real person today who wants to hear your story. Our guarantee is that we will give you some information the same day you can use. Give us a call before you speak to an insurance adjuster or nurse case manager to protect your income and your future. Take some action now to help you and your family.

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