I Just Talked To Two People With Serious Injuries At Work Who Both Made The Same Mistake In Their D.C. Workers Comp Case

And I'm frustrated.  Because they screwed up their cases - I had to tell them they're not going to get the money they need and they probably won't get all the Get Your Workers' Comp Case off to the Right Start in DC.medical treatment they need either.  Their workers comp cases will be one big headache for them. And it all could have been avoided.

We see this over and over - people make mistakes in their D.C. workers comp case that they don't even know they're making - and could have been avoided - by hiring the best lawyer they could get in the beginning of the case (right after getting hurt).  If you've been hurt at work please, please understand this: workers comp insurance companies do not have to tell you what the law is or what your rights are.  

The insurance company doesn't have any obligation to help you file your case, tell you what the law is, what you should be doing to protect you and your family.  It's just the opposite.

I understand that we're not the best lawyers for everyone - we only help people with serious injuries, people who won't be able to work for a long time or may never work again - if your injury was minor and you can still work, you don't need us.

After making a critical mistake, both people I talked to said the same thing, "But I didn't know." 

If You've Never Been Injured At Work in DC, How Can You Know The Mistakes To Avoid?

And that's so hard because how would they know?  There is no way to keep up with developments in the law, court decisions, case law, or to have had experience with the insurance company lawyer or adjuster.  It's virtually impossible to know, and that's the main reason to get the best lawyer you can at the beginning.

Here's a few examples of the mistakes we went through the other day. 

1. Most people don't know that the workers comp insurance company doesn't file your case (it's not enough to call them and report it, give a statement or fill out an incident form) and your company can't file it for you either.

We can file your case with the Office of Workers Compensation - and make sure it's done correctly.

2. Most people don't know you don't have to go to the doctor the insurance company sends you to - you get to choose your own doctor.

We don't let our clients get bullied into going to an insurance doctor for medical treatment.  Who do you think the insurance doctor is working for if he gets all of his patients from the insurance company?  How good of a doctor is he if he has to rely on a workers comp insurance company to send him patients?

3. Most people don't know they don't have to give a statement to the adjuster.

We don't let our clients talk to the insurance company - that's on us.  Why?  How many cases do you think the insurance adjuster has handled? Thousands...How many D.C. workers comp cases have you handled? Who does the insurance adjuster work for anyway?

Why You Need A Lawyer From The Beginning Of Your Case.

The best lawyer for you and your family is going to protect you, is going to take away the worry, anxiety, stress you are going through (or will be soon).  You don't have to worry about whether you are doing the right thing, or whether the insurance company is taking advantage of you (they call that doing their job, by the way).

The best lawyer for your DC workers comp case will have your best interests at heart and know what to do to protect your best long term interest.  

We set your case up right from the beginning.  Our strategy and process, developed over 25 years, is something we share with you in the first meeting and you get regular updates on this as your case progresses, so you can focus on healing, rehab and getting better.

Interviewing Lawyers Or At Least Checking Them Out?

We've also got a cool checklist to help you make the best decision for you and your family - what to ask, what to look for to get the best lawyer for your DC workers comp case.  Just click here or on our free guides and reports tab and we'll email a copy to you.

And if you're ready to get started - just call us today at (202) 393-3320.

Stop letting the insurance company run away with hundreds of your dollars every week. Everything you need to know about DC Workers' Comp is in this book - Order it today.

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