Construction is Regarded As One of the Most Dangerous Occupations.

Construction work is anything but fully safe. There are many dangerous aspects to construction work such as heights, large and mobile equipment, edges, Five Safety Tips to Keep Construction Workers Safe in DCdeep holes, and wobbling stairs. No matter how modern or careful contractors claim to be, construction sites are always going to have an element of danger. It is the duty of the employer to take care of the safety and security of their workers, but every worker should keep safety precautions as his or her #1 priority when on the job.

Here Are Five Safety Measures That All Workers Should Take While on the Job.

1. Double check your work area

Before work, always check with your supervisor to make sure that the scaffolding has been inspected by a professional or competent person. Never work on a scaffold that is incomplete, which does not have a strong platform or base.

2. Be vigilant with electricity and equipment:

Check for wear and tear on all electric equipment needed for lifting. Make sure you are following the safety precautions for all machines and if you are not aware of them, seek help and instructions from your supervisor or co-worker. Never work below any heavy or suspended load. Make sure you have the proper training for any all equipment.

3. Maintain fencing and prevent fires.

  • Fatal injuries and falls happen mostly in areas where there is no fencing.
  • Avoid dangerous areas that do not have fencing or the fencing is broken or damaged.
  • Open flames should be kept away from construction site because of the presence of flammable materials.
  • Make sure you know the escape route if a fire occurs.

4. Protective apparel and PPE.

If you do not have protective gear, demand them from your employer and make sure you are wearing them properly.

Make sure your helmet and eye wear are well fitted.

Make sure you are wearing anti-slip footwear, especially when working around toxic and dusty environments.

5. Keep first aid close.

Make sure that the first aid kit is easily accessible. If it is not, contact your supervisor immediately. The kit will come in handy for basic first aid for minor cuts, burns and falls.

Even when you and your employer have taken all necessary precautions, accidents and injuries on the job can still happen.  And when they do, don't make it worse by not understanding your rights under workers compensation so you can get the medical treatment and financial support you and your family need.

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