Some suggest that employers 'check up' on their injured workers. Not because they genuinely care, but because there may be a chance they won't have to pay all of the benefits the injured worker deserves.

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 If you got hurt on the job, would it make a difference if your employer kept in contact with you while you were out? Would it make a difference if the employer checked in on you?  Certainly some employers, managers and supervisors genuinely care about your recovery.

But you may be surprised at why some employers would call to "check on you"...

In a recent article for workers comp insurance companies, With Employers and Workers' Comp, What You Don't know CAN Hurt You, author Robert Wilson encourages employers to contact workers after the injury and make sure there is someone appointed as the point of contact and possibly send them a gift and visit them. He says that doing this, according to his colleague, "...they'll have second thoughts about suing someone who did that for them".

Wait. We thought that visiting the injured worker and making sure they are all right was for the benefit of the worker - just a nice thing to do...

While we do believe that the employer should have open communication with the injured worker, it should not serve as an ulterior motive for the insurance company.

But that's what insurance companies do - their entire job is to pay less in benefits and medical treatment for injured workers - that's it. And if they can use some fake concern and some kind of program to call people after they get hurt, well, they'll do it.

Don't get fooled by this. Get the treatment and benefits you need now that you were hurt on the job.

We see that our clients get all the benefits they deserve after they have been hurt on the job. 

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To read Robert Wilson's article, click here.

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