Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

According to NPR News, drug-impairment could now be on the table when looking at the issue of car crash fatalities. Although the primary concern for impairment-related fatalities has historically been alcohol use (drunk driving), today we have to add prescribed drugs and now-legal THC to the mix. 

A study called "Drug-Impaired Driving, a Guide for States: 2017 Update" revealed that "in 2015 drugs other than alcohol were present in 43 percent of the fatally-injured drivers with a known drug test result, and alchol was present in about 37 percent of those with a known alchol test result." Though this particular study did not account for outliers (or other causes of crash that were not either drug or alchol-related) the study does suggest that drugs are a concern when it comes to driving.

If you have had any type of serious injury and are dealing with chronic pain, you may be faced with the challenge of managing pain medications and doing the day-to-day things of life like driving. Adapting to the loss of use in a limb or a joint is hard enough without factoring in impairment due to pain meds. And there are a lot of people hurt at work, in accidents, or with medical conditions who suffer from chronic pain.

There is no doubt that part of pain mangement is sometimes opiods that may not be safe to take while doing some of life's everyday tasks. Unfortunately, many people are driving under the influence of these drugs.

Such impairment, like drunk driving, has serious consequences; including serious injuries or death from a car accident.

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