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I just spoke to a nice guy with a legitimate work injury in D.C.  In fact he has a serious back injury.

But he waited too long for me to be able to help him - and waiting will end up costing him a lot - in terms of medical treatment, money, time and aggravation. He thought by doing everything the insurance company told him to do that he was doing the right thing for his workers compensation case - that he was protecting himself and his family. That he didn't need a lawyer because the insurance company was treating him right.  Plus he had worked at the same heavy duty commercial construction company for 16 years and they loved him.

Not Getting the Right Lawyer for His DC Workers Comp Case Can Really Cost You

He was making a lot of money at the time he got hurt.  But he's not now. Instead, the insurance company controlled his medical care, telling him to treat with a "worker's clinic" they probably fund and control (people don't realize how important it is to choose your own doctor after a work injury in DC - and it's absolutely your right to do so).  When he didn't like the clinic (I'm sure he never saw a specialist - just a general practice doctor or physician's assistant) the adjuster referred him to an insurance company doctor.

An Insurance Doctor Has a Duty to the Insurance Company, Not You

Neither the Worker's Clinic or the insurance doctor have any connection to him as a patient (because they get so many referrals from insurance companies). Turns out his injury was more serious than they thought.  But the insurance company doctor and the nurse case manager aren't recommending an MRI, a second opinion, or much of anything. They think he should just go back to work.

He can't go back to work now - can't lift, can't walk on the uneven ground of a construction site, it's dangerous for him to even be on the site.  But his benefits have stopped and he's not getting any more medical treatment thanks to the insurance doctor. He may lose everything he's worked so hard for.  Don't let this happen to you.

Without an Experienced DC Workers Comp Lawyer You Can Lose Everything You Worked For.

Here's what he should have done (and what you should do if you're hurt on the job):

How Much Does it Cost to Get the Best DC Workers Comp Lawyer?

The best part is - it doesn't cost you a penny more to have the best lawyer working with you from the beginning. And there are absolutely no charges or fees in a workers comp case until the end - and only if we successfully settle or win your case.You could have an experienced lawyer who understands what you're going through, is nationally Board Certified, and has written the authoritative book for injured workers today. So why take a chance that you'll get taken advantage of by insurance company adjusters, doctors, nurses, case managers and lawyers?

Start By Getting Information

Don't let this same story happen to you - we can teach you the basics and answer any question on DC workers comp in about 10 minutes.  And we reserve times every week to talk to people with questions - no obligation, no charge, and it's completely confidential. We'll even give you a form that will help you choose the best DC workers comp lawyer for you and your family - a set of questions you should ask and a checklist of qualifications you should look for when choosing a lawyer for your case. 

Ready to Take Action Now?

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