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That was my basic headline when I spoke about workers compensation to a group of members at IBEW Local 26 at a recent union meeting.  As I've said for years, its all about protecting yourself and your family when you get hurt on the job.

And because union workers usually make more, their benefits are higher - meaning the insurance company has to pay them more every week.  So who is a workers compensation insurance company most likely to attack - an injured worker they're paying $1,200 per week or someone they're paying $200 per week?  We know the answer to that.

I basically said to the assembled union workers, in this case electricians, that they've worked hard to get where they are - invested time and money to get the skills and training most of us don't have.  That allows them to earn more money.  But it also means they've got more to lose when they get hurt at work.

That's why we wrote and published or short, easy to read guide on the basics of workers compensation:  The Union Worker's Guide to Workers' Comp.  Written specifically for union workers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, it will help you avoid mistakes that could cost you hundreds of dollars every week.

This resource is free to union workers and their families.  Call (202) 393 - 3320 today and we'll send your copy right away.

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