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The San Francisco Chronicle reported the Dollar Tree and its workers compensation insurance company were denying workers compensation benefits to an 11 year old child of one of their employees killed on the job.  The employee, an African American clerk who was stocking shelves, was attacked - apparently because of her race - and died of her injuries.  The Dollar Tree says that because the attack was racially motivated (the employee did not know the attacker) it did not arise out of her employment with the store.

Isn't a store clerk supposed to help the public?  Isn't she subjected to the risks associated with dealing with the public?  Didn't her horrible death arise out of that employment?  Of course. 

A chilling example of what some companies do to deny legitimate workers compensation claims.

My kids love to shop at this store to buy cheap Christmas gifts for each other.  Not this year. 

We would like to think that these things-- the sitaution leading up to the death-- does not happen all the time, but worker's families being denied benefits after a death is something that is common. That is where we come in, we are there to fight on behalf of the client and their family to get them everything they deserve.

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