Sometimes a misdiagnosis comes from a doctor not getting all the available information because they are not asking questions.

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Doctors not having all of the available information because they aren't asking the questions, reviewing your medical records or listening to  you.

This is just plain common sense. Your doctor needs all of the available information to make a decision that affects your health. Your doctor should listen to you. 

Sometimes doctors make assumptions about your situation. Maybe he has seen similar symptoms and just associated your situation with that of others. Maybe he is in a rush. Maybe he jumps to conclusions. Maybe he doesn't have your medical records right there in the chart, or lab values or test results.

If your doctor does not ask your questions, and listen to the answers, he is probably not fully evaluating your situation. And is it a thorough evaluation if he doesn't review your prior medical records? Not knowing a patient's history or the full extent situation can result in misdiagnosis, prescribing contraindicated medications, the wrong treatment and other mistakes.

It's frustrating going to the doctor and feeling like you are not being heard, or that what  you're saying is not worth listening to because "doctors know better". Everyone makes mistakes, including doctors. But mistakes can be avoided by asking the right questions and reviewing all the records. If  you or someone you know have been in a situation like this, do not hesitate to contact us at (202) 393-3200. Your call is free and confidential. 

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