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In nearly 20 years of representing people, I've discovered there are 5 common mistakes people make after they get hurt at work, and I see these mistakes made over and over again.  Of course there are many more than 5 and really, these are insurance company tricks, tactics and traps to deny, delay and pay less to people who are legitimately hurt on the job (and if you were not legitimately hurt at work or are trying to scam the insurance company or "milk it" or take advantage of the situation - you don't need to read any further. If you are a faker, none of our information will help you anyway.)

The main mistake injured workers make is believing the supervisor, employer, owner or insurance company will take care of them after a serious on-the-job injury. 

You see an insurance company's duty is to its shareholders and that duty is to make money for the shareholders and increase the insurance company profits (as it should be - there is nothing inherently wrong with that).  So they won't take care of you and your family - its against their basic interest.

The insurance company's responsibility is to its shareholders.  Your responsibility is to you and your family. 

And you should never defer or give up this responsibility.  So download this Free Report 

5 Common Mistakes That Will Absolutely Kill Your Workers Compensation Case 

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By the way, this Free Report is only available to injured workers and their families.  It is not available to insurance companies, their employees, attorneys, employers or contractors.  You'll have to certify you're not in this group (nothing against them) to get it. 

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