Dealing With Travelers For Your Workers Compensation Claim

Anytime you have a work injury, there will be a worker’s compensation insurance company on the other side. Travelers Insurance Company represents a lot of companies and employers in the D.C. metro area. 

Remember, it’s going to be difficult dealing with any insurance company when you’re trying to hold them accountable for monetary benefits and medical treatment after a serious work injury.

Here Are Some Tips For Dealing With Insurance Companies Like Travelers: 

  • The insurance company will never tell you everything you’re entitled to.
  • The insurance company's duty is to make money for its shareholders. As nice and sympathetic as your insurance adjuster may seem, they have no duty toward you. Their duty is to the insurance company only. It’s no defense or excuse that you have been misled by the insurance company. We have seen insurance companies advise people to file their claim for worker’s compensation benefits in a different jurisdiction than Washington D.C., where they may get up to $500 less every week. 
  • Some types of injuries can be eligible for additional benefits after you return to work. But the insurance company will never tell you that, so you will probably never get the additional benefits you could be entitled to.
  • The insurance company will not help you with your case.
  • Travelers, or any workers compensation insurance company, is a lot different than your employer. You may have a great relationship with the company you work for and they may know you were legitimately hurt at work and can’t return to work because of your injuries. But your company is no longer calling the shots. Instead, the insurance company will be making all the decisions for them and they don’t care how loyal you’ve been, what a good worker you were, or how long you worked there.
  • The insurance company will only make recommendations that are good for them.
  • When it seems like your insurance adjuster is being helpful, that’s when you really need to watch out. A common example we see all the time is when the adjuster recommends a doctor for your medical treatment. They may say things like this is a doctor who takes workers comp insurance, or you have to see one of our doctors, or this doctor is a panel physician. None of that is true for D.C. worker’s compensation. You have the right to choose your treating physician - and you should do so. 
    • They are certainly referring you to an insurance physician or a medical group that gets all of their patients from insurance companies. Do you really think a doctor like that will have your best interest at heart when recommending the treatment that you need and that they will go against the insurance company if they don’t agree with them?
The bottom line is you have to be careful when you’re dealing with an insurance company. Experienced adjusters have handled thousands of work injury claims before and they use that experience and knowledge to deny your benefits and medical treatment. Don't let the adjuster, nurse case manager, investigator, or doctor take advantage of you. 

Speak To The Attorney Who Wrote The Book On D.C. Worker's Compensation. 

Don’t get caught in this trap. Call us today at 202-393-3320 to speak with experienced member of our worker’s compensation team so you don’t get taken advantage of by the insurance company. Our guarantee is that we will give you some information the same day you can use. Give us a call before you speak to an insurance adjuster or nurse case manager to protect your income and your future. Take some action now to help you and your family.
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