How Do You Deal with the Workers Comp Insurance Adjuster After You Get Hurt at Work?

It surprises most people who get hurt at work. They have a bad back injury, knee injury, need doctor's visits, therapy, maybe even surgery.  And they need income since they can't work due to the injury - so workers comp benefits should be easy, right?

But the workers comp insurance company for your job is not your friend. 

They are completely different from your employer and may be calling all of the shots on your case - even though you may have a great long term relationship with your supervisor, HR or the owner of your company.  But when it comes to a work injury, its out of your job' s hands.  It's not that your supervisors, co-workers and owners of the company don't care, but they won't be making the decisions, an insurance company will.

The Workers Comp Insurance Company Wants to Limit What They Pay Out

What does that mean for you and your family?

How do insurance companies make money for their shareholders?  One way is to keep costs down - to pay injured workers less than they are entitled to, limit the medical care and treatment, steer you to their doctors, and offer you less than your case is worth in a settlement.

These are all things an experienced workers compensation insurance adjuster can and will do to you.  Remember that insurance adjuster has handled hundreds or thousands of workers compensation claims for the insurance company.  She knows the workers comp law, systems, and regulations and she has an army of insurance lawyers, doctors, nurses, investigators, and case managers available- all ready and willing to help her limit claims by paying you less.

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You didn't ask to get hurt. It's not fair but you can do something about it.  You can take the action you need so you don't lose everything you've worked so hard for.  Basically, the insurance company's job is to take advantage of you and your family. You only have one case - don't take the risk that you won't be able to feed your family or get the medical care you need. Call our experienced workers comp lawyers today and we'll set up a free, no cost, no obligation and completely confidential strategy session on your workers comp case - so you can get the strategy, analysis and info you need to make the best decisions on your case. 202-393-3320

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