Hurt at Work and Worried About Healthcare Reform? With Us, There are No Worries.

No matter on which side of the healthcare debate you fall, all can agree that our current healthcare system is not working the way either side hoped it would. Lots of people are now worried about losing their coverage.

As DC workers comp lawyers why do we care about this? We know that you care about this, and wonder about healthcare coverage for your and your family if you are ever injured and can't work. The good news is that workers comp medical coverage is not like your personal healthcare coverage with copays and coinsurances.

Workers' compensation benefits are paid by your employer's workers comp insurance company - so if you are hurt on the job it's not a question of whether or not you'll have access to healthcare. The question is whether or not you will have the right advocate on your side to help you get the benefits you deserve - both medical and monetary.

At Donahoe Kearney we will work to get you the benefits you need and work to get you a settlement that not only guarantees your access to healthcare for your injury, but the ability to pay for it. After we file your D.C. workers comp claim,  your doctors will actually bill your workers’ comp insurance so that you don’t have to worry about it. When your case is settled, we make sure it’s enough to pay your bills for the duration of your injury.

Donahoe Kearney works tirelessly to get you the best settlement possible. That means we will go to bat for you in litigation over and over to make sure that your needs and the needs of your family are being met. As board-certified civil trial attorneys we know just what to do for you and your family to make sure that you weather your situation, and come out on the other side.

Nobody will ever say that going through the workers’ compensation system is easy, but with Donahoe Kearney on your side you can rest assured that you are in good and capable hands; no matter what.

Mr. Kearney discussing legal rights for injured workers in D.C. on the TV show Making it Last with host Regina Demeo.

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