Don't Rely on Your Employer For Workers Comp Info

If you were injured at a District of Columbia jobsite or while working for an employer in D.C. there is a lot you need to learn quickly about the D.C. Workers Comp System that you are now in.  If you're like most people, you never thought you'd be in this position.D.C. Workers Compensation Attorney Explains Work Comp System

And you don't want to make a mistake that ruins your D.C. workers comp case.

Because there is a lot of misinformation about workers compensation rights and responsibilities, and some of it put out by D.C. employers.  You see, your job just doesn't know, or hasn't been told the truth about D.C. workers compensation.

Your job may have given you advice that will hurt your workers comp case without even knowing it - even though you have a great relationship with your company, have been there a long time and worked hard for everything you've gotten.

The truth is - your company has workers compensation insurance.  And it's that insurance company that is calling the shots - deciding whether you get benefits you need to feed your family or the medical treatment you need to get better.

And when the workers comp insurance company tells your job how to handle your injury at work - who do you think that benefits?

Get the Right Advice and Info on Your Workers Comp Rights

A new client just brought in something his job gave him after he got hurt at work, called something like "Workers Compensation Rights" that listed what this employer wanted its workers to do when they got hurt on the job.

It was written by the workers comp insurance company.

It said a lot of things that might sound right if you've never been seriously hurt at work or been through this before. Things like how your workers comp claim will be "filed" if you fill out some paperwork (wrong answer - you have to file your claim with the D.C. Office of Workers Compensation if you're working in DC when you get hurt).

Many employers want you to fill out the forms they give you to file your claim in Maryland or Virginia - because the benefits you get can be hundreds of dollars less than in D.C.  That saves the insurance company a lot of money.

This employer also tells injured employees to call them to be referred to one of the qualified physicians on their workers compensation physician panel.

There is no such thing as a panel or network of physicians in the D.C. workers compensation system - this workers comp insurance company made that up.

In D.C. Workers Comp You Have the Right to Choose Your Own Doctor.

This D.C. employer doesn't tell its workers that they have the right to choose their own physician
when they are hurt at work. Why?

One of the subtle things employers and workers comp insurance companies try to do is control an injured workers medical care.  They want to keep costs down, which means less treatment, so they try to get injured workers to go to insurance doctors (who get most of their patients from insurance companies) or worse, "workers clinics" that the insurance companies and construction companies control.

Call an experienced DC workers comp attorney to give you the right info and advice so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Call us today at (202) 393 - 3320 to get started.

Know your rights - your employer and insurance company are not looking out for you. 

But we are!

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