If you were seriously hurt in an accident in D.C., Virginia or Maryland, don't go to a personal injury lawyer an "investigator" refers you to, and don't use an attorney that has reached out to you- here's why.


We represent good, honest people when they are hurt, and we don't even advertise, so when I hear about attorneys and investigators harassing and/or deceiving people it turns my stomach.

Listen to this outfit:

Apparently, a personal injury lawyer in Silver Spring, MD was using "runners"- shady characters who call themselves "investigators." In reality they who worked for a very shady lawyer and "refer" cases to the lawyer by getting accident reports from the police department and harassing the people involved in the accident to convince them to go to the lawyer they work for.

That's against the law in most places, if not all places.  Not to mention a terrible way to hire a lawyer.

This guy and a local chiropractor were part of an even bigger insurance fraud schemes in which they were conspiring to defraud insurance companies by inventing and/or exaggerating claims.

The Washington Examiner reported that charges were filed against the investigator and others based upon an undercover investigation that uncovered conduct (or as criminal defense attorneys say, allegations), that candidly, made me sick. 

If you or a family member or someone close to you was seriously injured, get information and talk to legitimate professionals.  Use your common sense and don't get involved with someone like this.

Hopefully this "business" won't be around much longer.

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