D.C. Workers Comp Judge wasn't even a lawyer

Turns out a  longtime D.C. workers comp judge who had been deciding real cases for real people and their families involving workers hurt on the job - issues like whether they proved they were entitled to monetary benefits, needed surgery, or had a permanent injury - wasn't a lawyer any more.

He had apparently been disbarred in 1998 and obviously lied about that to get this job.

I don't know how he was found out (but cheaters always are) but here is a link to the article in the City Paper that broke the story.

One notable correction to the article that I commented on - the article makes it seem like the Administrative Law Judges oversee settlements in the D.C. workers comp system, making it seem like they are responsible for a lot more cases.  But D.C. workers comp settlements are reviewed, processed and ultimately approved by the Office of Workers Compensation - a completely separate division having nothing to do with the ALJs.

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