Is your D.C. workers comp adjuster doing what she's supposed to?

Is your check always late?

Should you really have to worry whether your check will show up on time every single week?  Isn't it already stressful enough on you and your family after you've been hurt at work?

Of course it is.  Not only are you dealing with an injury and the physical effects - surgery, rehab, PT, injections, medication - just to name a few.  Plus the difficulty in dealing with doctors who are in a rush and don't always listen, long waits to see the doctor, multiple appointments and the stress of wondering whether your injury will get better.

And you're now in a complicated system - one with the deck stacked against you, where all of the rules seem to favor the workers comp insurance industry and not you.

You're doing everything they tell you to do - but still, it's not quite right.

You can never reach the workers comp adjuster.  Or the workers comp adjuster never does what she says she will do. Or worse, you realize she has been lying to you - or telling you the wrong thing.

Is your medical treatment denied or delayed?

It's hard enough getting your treating physician to give you a referral, fill out the right form and get it to the adjuster. But then the adjuster delays approval or schedules an IME (Warning - Be Careful of this! It is often a biased, bogus exam by a doctor in bed with the workers comp insurance industry) or says she needs "peer review" or "utilization review" - and that can be even more bogus and biased!

Or maybe the adjuster is just slow, or overworked and can't get to your case.

That's where we come in.

You see, we have dedicated, professional staff who do all of the leg work for you - calling the adjuster, following up to get checks out on time, getting authorization for therapy, treatment, referrals, etc., dealing with the nurse case manager and adjuster - and a whole lot more.

Our lawyers are experienced, board certified and tough in court. We win and settle some of the biggest cases, and help some of the most seriously injured people through the complicated, often unfair D.C. workers comp system. 

But we have a lot more to offer you (and your family) in a D.C. workers compensation case.

We do everything to make sure your case goes smoothly, so you (and your family) don't have to worry.   

So you can focus on your recovery.

If you'd like to explore working with us, give us a call at (202) 393 - 3320.  We try to schedule a time every week to talk to people just like you who have questions about the workers comp system.  But hurry - space is limited, and we can only speak to a few people each week.

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