Our client Oscar Rodriguez shares his story and experiences. He also shares some of his recommendations if you are planning on traveling to Spain.

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A very big challenge for some of our workers' comp clients is the dissatisfaction with their treating physician. Oscar Rodriguez was not stranger to this issue during his case.

The physician he was dealing with was not attentive to his needs, and he felt his health and injury deteriorating as time went by. It was not until an Informal Conference with the DC Office of Workers' Compensation took place that Mr. Rodriguez was able to seek alternative treatment with a new physician. He soon Began to see improvements with his injury die to the recommendations of his new physician.

Mr. Rodriguez feels fortunate that things were able to improve with his injury, and is now looking to make plans for the future. He does miss his native country of Spain, and is looking forward to traveling and visiting his family back home. According to Mr. Rodriguez every part of Spain is enjoyable to visit. For anyone who is planning to one day take a trip to Spain, he recommends grabbing a map of Spain, closing your eyes and putting your finger somewhere on the map. Wherever your finger touches on the map, he recommends you go and visit!

Mr. Rodriguez affirms that every small town in Spain is rich with its own unique history, customs and traditions. He also adds that the cities of Madrid and Barcelona are an absolute must when traveling to Spain.

One of preferred Spanish restaurants to go to in the area is Tio Pepe located in Baltimore, MD. According to Mr. Rodriguez, the Spanish cuisine at Tio Pepe is very authentic, and the Sangria and Paella dish are his favorite. We are thrilled that Mr. Rodriguez is now able to look forward to new beginnings, and we wish him safe travels in the near future! We hope to one day take on his recommendations!.

It is always a joy for us at Donahoe Kearney, LLP to see our clients pleased with the outcome of their cases, and seeing them move into the next phase of their life. It is never an easy process, but it is through these challenges that we see the rewards of helping people during their most trying moments.

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