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I've spoken to many people, like this lady who had a serious injury and a good case. She had a lawyer from a law firm that advertises on T.V.  Nothing against T.V. lawyers (it's a free country, you can run any commercial you want as far as I'm concerned) but the lawyer wasn't the right fit for her case.

You see, to represent someone for a serious injury or death in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, you have to have a relationship with your lawyer, you can't be just a number, or someone who gets filtered through a call center after a commercial, and expect to be treated as a unique individual with problems that are weighing on you - your medical condition, your finances, your future medical treatment, your life - and need to be solved by the best lawyer for YOU.

That's why it is so important to educate yourself - get all of the information before you make such an important decision.  I've said this many times - we're not the right law firm for everyone. We're not one size fits all.  

Whether we're the right lawyers for your serious injury, your child's medical malpractice case, your husband's work injury - well that depends on a lot of factors you have to consider besides our experience, knowledge, success, track record of settlements and jury verdicts, board certifications, honors as SuperLawyers DC, etc.

The main question for you is:  Can we solve your problem? 

Can we help you get the resources you need to recover from your injury?  Can we help you financially to make sure there are resources take care of your child with cerebral palsy?  Can we help your husband get the medical treatment he needs after a serious work injury?

The answer for any attorney that you hire should be a resounding "Yes." 

We may or may not be the best attorney for your case. But the reality is that if we are, you don't want anyone else handling it. Give us a call today at 202-393-3320.


Great post. A friend of mine had to get a medical malpractice lawyer because of an accidental medication overdose. It is scary when something like this happens because you think you can trust your doctor or nruse.
by mackenzie September 12, 2012 at 09:42 AM
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