Vurgood Apps has created a smartphone application to help you through any accident case.


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These days applications are everywhere. Once you get your first iPhone or Android, it’s hard to imagine how you survived without them and these “apps.”  From apps that tell you the weather to apps that calculate the tip for you (or even split that pricey dinner check amongst you and your six friends) - as they say, there’s an app for everything.

And with the creation of the iWrecked application there really is.

iWrecked is a free application that assists drivers in the case of an accident, serving as an essential guide through an awful situation. The application provides helpful information, such as emergency numbers and nearby taxi and/or towing companies. iWrecked also allows the user to take unlimited photographs with their camera or import them from a photo library, and automatically places them into an Accident Report for the user to preview or send. The Accident Report is in PDF format and can be easily sent out to insurance companies and other parties. The application also includes a vehicle information log that provides unlimited vehicles, as well as images and call buttons to make direct calls to an insurance company or other driver.

There is also an iWrecked Pro for $.99. The Pro version allows for GPS maps to be added to accident reports, as well as for GPS locations to be added to accident details. More features include a diagram drawing and voice memos for each accident.


To check out the iWrecked application, click here!


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I wish I had known about this app when I was looking for a car accident lawyer in Fort Walton Beach FL. It would have really helped to have all the accident info in one place. Now I know if, God forbid, I ever get in another accident.
by Anne Lawrence August 29, 2013 at 05:57 PM
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