No Matter Where You Are, You're Covered By Workers Comp If You're Doing Something For Your Employer

We live in a world where everything is online...which makes it easier for millions of Americans to work from places other than their regular work office: Can I Get Workers Comp While Teleworking Due to COVID?places like their home, a satellite office, their neigborhood library, Starbucks, etc. The 

This change is good since it provides some flexibility for workers with their working location and hours - if you're telecommuting you can sometimes work earlier or later than you would otherwise work in your more traditional office. Many workers in DC, Maryland and Virgnia have jobs that are amenable to telecommuting (like call centers or other technology-based jobs) and we see more and more workers telecommute every day.

COVID pandemic has taken this trend up many notches; at least during shutdown only essential businesses could be open, which means millions more workers have been working from home. Many businesses have made the teleworking option a permanent fixture with their employees. 

So, this brings up an important legal question. Can you get compensated for a injury that happened when you weren't in the office, but doing work-related tasks?  Can your injury be deemed work-related if you were at home or in Starbucks when it happened? 

The answer is yes. Generally, workers' compensation is meant to compensate injured workers whose injury arises out of, and in the course of their employment. That means that if you are injured performing work duties, you are entitled to the workers' compensation benefits, regardless of where the injury happened. So, that means that as long as you were doing something for your employer, your injury will be covered. This means though you can't get compensated if you're injured while 'on the clock' at home but doing things around the house or other personal tasks - remember it has to be work-related and your work had to be the thing that caused your injury.

If You Are Injured At Work or Due To Work, You Must Notify Your Supervisor Right Away

No matter where you work place injury takes place - whether in a traditional office or another location - you need to tell your employer about the injury and that it happened at work as a result of your work duties. And, you need to do this as soon as possible. Especially if you need medical treatment, or get referred for surgery down the road it's going to be very important that you gave what's called "timely notice." Even if you don't use workers comp right away, that timely notice can protect you in case you need to file down the road. We've seen people come to us long after the injury and they need surgery. If they hadn't given timely notice and/or filed for workers comp right away, they wouldn't be able to get their surgery covered under workers compensation insurance.

Workers compensation insurance from companies like The Hartford and Travelers is generally very good and covers a lot, so you shouldn't use your personal insurance unless you absolutely have to: such as if your claim is denied you should use your peronsal insurance to get the medical treatment. Especially if you have a rotator cuff injury or need a knee replacement. But if you're in that situation don't wait to contact a lawyer like Frank Kearney.

After You Give Timely Notice, Contact Donahoe Kearney Right Away For Immediate Help at 202-393-3320

There are a bunch of tricks that the insurance adjuster will use against you, and you won't know them unless you contact an experienced workers compensation lawyer like Frank Kearney. Our team will make sure you have the right information to get started, and avoid the 5 classic mistakes most people make when they are injured and worried about the future.  We give free information away every single day because we believe in helping good, honest, hard-working people fight the insurance system that is rigged against them. Download some of our free information now to learn more about how this works day in and day out.

If You Need Surgery You May Have a Target On Your Back From The Workmen's Comp Adjuster

If you have a serious injury and will be out of work for a few months or longer, you probably need an experienced attorney to help you protect your income and get the medical treatment you need. If you need surgey, the workers compensation adjuster will be working overtime to find ways to avoid paying for it. The Hartford, Travelers, Chubb, Liberty Mutal, and Sedgwick all have one thing in common; they are working hard to find ways to pay people with legitimate injuries as little as possible and they will find ways to deny claims and keep you without income if they can. Don't wait until it's too late and you're behind on your bills to get the right lawyer on your side. Frank Kearney is aggressive, thorough, and treats his clients like a member of his family. Just read what our clients say about working with us.


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