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Just Take It From Our Clients - They will tell you that we are the best fit for serious car accidents because of our proven track record of successful outcomes, our diligent administration of the cases, and our winning customer service.

Because when you've been hurt in a car accident, everything should be about you.

This is about your health, your medical care, what you need for your recovery and rehab.  If you need surgery, you're going to be out of work for awhile, and you've got to make arrangements to replace that income you are losing - and you've got to worry about legal issues like subrogation and liens, where you may have to pay back your health insurance or workers comp (if your accident happened while you were on the job) - with any serious, permanent injury you may need an attorney to handle your insurance company, the other car's insurance company, and the various policies. 

Plus, without the threat of filing a lawsuit and going to trial, it's hard to know whether the insurance company will really take your case seriously and settle for a fair amount for you.

Here's what you should do if you are in a serious car accident in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia:

1.  Get all of the medical treatment your injuries require.

2.  Get all the info you need - the police report, insurance information, witness statements.

3. Investigate all of the available insurance coverage - commercial policies, UM/UIM, workers comp, umbrella policies to make sure you get it all.

4.  Be honest and forthright with your doctors.

5.  Investigate the best lawyer for you and your family - make sure it's a relationship you can trust.

There is a lot to do when you're seriously hurt in an accident - call us at (202) 393-3320 to get started.

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