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I'm a Board Certified Trial Lawyer (about 1% of lawyers achieve this distinction - it requires an 8 hour test, recommendations from judges, and a bunch of other things) and I've been helping people with serious injuries for 24 years now, so maybe I just do things differently.

When a former client begged her daughter to call me because the daughter's law firm handling her car accident case wasn't responding to her, here is what I heard:

"I only met with the lawyer and talked to him once, 2 years ago.  And now they say he's not the lawyer who will take my case in to court, that will be someone I've never met or talked to.  They sent me to doctors who won't take my health insurance and are charging me full price when my case settles.  The doctor said I had to sign those forms to get treatment.  And worst of all, "I'm just another number" to this law firm.  They don't know me or support me."

Unfortunately, I hear that a lot.  She signed up with one of those law firms that is big into advertising (unlike us, they must have to be).  Over and over, we hear that lawyers who advertise on TV just don't have the time, resources, or firm culture to give their clients the time and attention their case deserves. When you spend millions of dollars on TV advertising, you have to take every case that comes through the door, and each case get just a fraction of the time and attention it really deserves because the lawyers are stretched so thin.

That's 180 degrees from the way we do things. When we take a case, we devote our time, energy, and resources to each case. 

Our client's daughter has a good case and a serious injury, but feels like she is "just another number" to them.  They never call her, email or give her a status of her case - and there is nothing worse than feeling anxious about something you don't know about.  They hadn't even told her about the statute of limitations in her case (I had to let her know that it's different in Virginia accident cases than in DC accident cases).  This lady had even written to them about the lack of information she was getting and the lack of communication from the law firm.

It's just a shame. I gave the woman who called some good information and advice for free, but I couldn't take her case -unfortuntately it was just too late for us to help her.

Here's How You Are Not Just A Number To Our Accident Attorneys- You're A Person

One of the most rewarding aspects of helping only people who are seriously injured is working with them - getting to know them, talking with them, preparing them for the future and what will happen after the case, helping them understand the process and what it's like to adjust to a serious injury someone else caused.

You see, for us, it's all about trust. We know it's difficult to trust someone else with something as serious as a car accident, and that's why we work so hard to develop trust from the very beginning and keep it through the end of the case. That's what lawyers who advertise on TV just don't get. They're worried about running their mill, taking every case to pay for the TV commercials.

So they're missing out on the most rewarding, most satisfying and most fun part of a personal injury practice - the people.

Before you call a number from a TV commercial, billboard, or face on the side of a bus, if you've had a serious injury and can't work, need surgery, future medical care and treatment, you owe it to yourself  to order one of our free books, guides or reports, then make a call to see how we do things differently.

If You're Looking For An Accident Attorney Who Really Gets It, And Treats You Like A Person Contact Us Today

Just because you are anxious about your case doesn't mean that you should rush into a a relationship with a lawyer who says he or she will take your case. You have plenty of time if your accident just happened to interview accident attorneys and make sure you are making the right choice for you and your family. Before you sign on the dotted line, find out how having Frank Kearney represent you could make all the difference in your case accident claim. You know that there will be no two years between phone call with us - we touch base with our clients every month, and in many cases far more often than that. 

Call us today at 202-393-3320. Our guarantee is that we will give you some free information on car accidents that you can use today. Get the Accident Attorney that literally wrote the book on car accidents.

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