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In a D.C. workers comp case, here's what a nurse case manager had to say to a worker hurt on the job in D.C.

"The gentleman is a high-wage earner with a serious knee injury that prevents him from doing his regular job.  He recently moved out of the area and had to see a doctor near him to treat the knee injury.  He chose a specialist who had treated him before for a different medical issue."

Secret's out: A nurse-case-manager is hired by the insurance company to "assist" the injured worker - usually by preventing, denying and delaying medical treatment for the work injury. 

The nurse case manager hired by the insurance company went to the new doctor's appointment and didn't like what she was hearing - the injured worker could not return to work, needed additional treatment (injections) and may need a knee replacement (sounds expensive for the workers' comp insurance company). 

So the nurse wants him to go to another doctor and said she would choose one "closer to her."

That nurse case manager is no longer on the case.  Most people don't realize that in D.C., you don't have to put up with these nurses.

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