After a rocky start, the Health Kit App launches again without the bugs (so they say). will this app put patients in front of their health care?

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When Apple first unveiled their HealthKit App, there were some bugs they had to work out. Now they have finally rolled out the new and improved HealthKit app for all iPhone users.

The HealthKit app is designed to aggregate all of your health data from third party health apps-- with your permission of course. It essentially takes data from your other apps and puts into one place. In the app you can find information on your weight, height, blood pressure, and sleep analysis. There is even a section to input a 'medical ID' with emergency contact information, medications that you're currently using, etc.

For two years Apple has been working with the Mayo Clinic to design and develop this app. The CEO of the Mayo Clinic stated, "We believe Apple's HealthKit will revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people". Forbes reports that the app is supposed to solve two major problems; patients' fragmented and incomplete data and personal apps and devices do not talk to each other. HealthKit provides a place where you find a comprehensive picture of your health. And currently the Mayo Clinic is testing a new service that will alert patients when their Apple apps detect abnormal health results, and help patients schedule follow up visits.

We are always on our phones and have them in our hands at all times, why not have the most important information at your finger tips? When you are in front of your health care, you can help avoid and prevent medical negligence. 

It is still brand new, but this could help put more patients in front of their health. There are still some issues that need to be worked out, but it is a small step into some health care improvements.

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More information on the HealthKit app can be found here and here.


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