Frank Kearney, here. I used to be one of those people who worked for a big company who hands out useless long-term disability policies.

Well, useless in the hands of people who don't understand their limits and complications. And they will never tell you, because your employer likely doesn't know them, either.

So, I was receiving this long-term disability benefit from a large law firm and when I went out on my own I kept the plan. By that time, I had been working for people against insurance companies for a long time, and I knew how to read insurance policy language and spot the BS.

One day I pulled out my long-term insurance policy, read through the language, and promptly threw it in the trash. The policy was so full of "if" clauses, and lots of discretion was given to the insurance company (not a doctor) to decide whether or not a claim was legitimate.

Complete BS.

Many years later, I have changed my position on that. After defending hundreds of people against insurance companies, I now fully understand that it's not the language in the policy that makes the claim impossible. It's the lack of knowledge and expertise on how to combat it.

And people of other professions and specialties - doctors, executives, lawyers, sales reps, or any high earning profession - who aren't in the system day in and day out, can't possibly be expected to know how to do that. And the insurance company is certainly not going to tell them that they need to.

That's one reason I decided to practice in advocating for people on long-term disability, and to add this practice area to my already full plate of doing the same for people against other types of insurance companies. It's the same reason I decided to do workers' comp, car accidents, and medical malpractice. Because it's only fair that people are able to bring on someone who knows how to see through the insurance company BS and get them the benefits that they need with their injury. It's only fair; after all the premiums have been paid, and that's what the insurance company is supposed to do in these situations.

Has your long-term disability claim been unfairly denied?

Give me a call today at 202-393-3320 and set up a consultation, or send your denial letter to us at [email protected] or fax it to 202-393-3324. 

It's us against the insurance company. You couldn't be in better hands.

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