Medical Malpractice is a result of a choice.

That' s right. Forget what you hear in the news or from politicians, insurance companies and their lobbyist.

You see, medical malpractice is a result of a choice. Like everyone else in life, doctors, specialist, nurses, HMOs,  hospitals, and healthcare companies all have choices.

When you drive your child home you have choices. Are you going to make her wear a seat belt? Are you going to stop at a red light? Are you going to look both ways before you cross the highway?

Medical malpractice means that a healthcare provider made a choice not to put a patient's safety first. It could be a choice based on cost, convenience, staffing, being in a rush, or any other excuse-it doesn't matter why, its a s choice that needlessly put a patient's health in danger.

What are the facts?

According to the Institute of Medicine, 98,000 people die every year due to preventable medical mistakes.  And those are deaths - not amputations, cerebral palsy, brain damage or a host of other horrific injuries.

Patient safety means preventing mistakes using a variety or systems, guidelines, protocols and checks.

At Donahoe Kearney, LLP we help clients harmed by medical malpractice and their families. We hold hospitals, HMOs and healthcare corporations accountable for the harms they cause to patients. If you work with us, you will get our experience as nationally board certified trial lawyers to help solve some of the problems you face-whether you have a child with cerebral palsy due to hospital malpractice, have lost a loved one because of HMO medical errors or are a patient injured due to medical malpractice

Contact us and let us help you. With us you get individual attention. You get a thorough investigation. And you get answers. It's a process. And you can't go it alone. 


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