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Have you had a devastating injury, or lived with and cared for a family member or child who was critically injured?  Have you had a death in the family that may have been caused by a medical mistake, unsafe job site, or reckless driver?

Our clients have.

You need information. 

As nationally recognized medical malpractice and injury lawyers we answer your questions. We are here to answer questions you never had to ask or even thought about before; like who will care for my special needs child when I die?  How will we replace my husband's lost income now that he can't work?  How can I pay the hospital bills and afford surgery after getting hit by a drunk driver?

We provide information and resources to people and families so they can protect their rights, their family and their children. 

As medical malpractice and injury lawyers, we hold hospitals, healthcare corporations, HMOs, employers, and unsafe drivers accountable for the harms they cause to patients, workers, drivers and pedestrians.  

We don't advertise; and we don't need to.  We're board-certified Civil Trial Attorneys and the cases we take to trial or settle are serious.  We hate frivolous lawsuits.

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You are unique.  Your situation is different.  Your child is special.  You want to do everything you can for your child and your family.  You're worried about the future.  You want answers.  You want information.  And you need the best lawyers for your case in D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

If you want to make a difference in your life and the life of your family, call us. 

The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you the information and answers you need to make a difference.

Don't put it off.  Because you and your family can never get the time back.