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Donahoe Kearney Exists To Help Those Who Have Been Seriously Injured Make the Best Choices for Themselves and Their Families

At Donahoe Kearney we do things differently. We provide education and guidance to anyone who calls our office, regardless of whether or not we take the case. We want to make sure you have the best information to help you take care of your family. When you've been seriously injured you have a lot of choices to make. We are here to help.

Donahoe Kearney Offers Free Educational Resources 

Our educational resources are some of our most powerful tools in helping those who have been seriously injured in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. By requesting and reading through our free books, guides, and reports an injured worker can avoid critical mistakes. Someone who has just been in a car accident will know how to deal with the insurance company. Someone who has been through the horror of medical malpractice will know what to expect if they pursue a case. And someone who has just been denied long term disability benefits can get the help they need to win an appeal.

We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

This is one of our core values because we are committed to taking on a difficult situation on behalf of our clients and seeing it through to the end where the results are value added to their life, their finances, and their future. Being seriously injured can be a very difficult thing to get through, and we always leave things better off than when our clients came to us.

Have You Been Seriously Injured in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? 

As nationally recognized malpractice and injury lawyers we answer your questions. We are here to answer questions you never had to ask or even thought about before; like who will care for my special needs child when I die?  How will we replace my husband's lost income now that he can't work?  How can I pay the hospital bills and afford surgery after getting hit by a drunk driver? What can I do if my long term disability claim has been denied? We are here to provide answers about a complex system and fight the insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

Contact our Accident Attorneys Today if You are Looking for Help

If you've been seriously injured in DC, Maryland, or Virginia you want the attorney on your side who really gets it; who understands the systems, has appeared in front of the judges, and have a long history of helping indviduals and families by offering them compassionate and invidvidualized customer service as well as first-rate legal representation.

Need More Information?

Just order one of our free books, guides, or reports to start the research stage of your case. We always find that clients who are better informed are happier during their case because they took the time to learn somethingt about the process.

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