My Clients Will Tell You We Protected Their Livelihood After An Injury Or Illness That Kept Them Out Of Work. 

That's Who We Are

I have been a lawyer for 27 years and I've spent most of that time represented people who have been seriously injured or fallen ill and can't work. I spent a couple of years, just out of law school, working for a law firm represented insurance company. It didn't take me long to decide that representing insurance companies is not for me. I saw firsthand all the ways they take advantage of people and use all their resources to try and push them around. So I switched sides and I've never looked back.

Let me tell you the story about a guy I knew who was tricked by the insurance company.

 About 10 years ago, a deserving worker with a legitimate, serious injury at work (I’ll call him Mike, but that’s not his real name) was completely taken advantage of by an insurance company and, to make it worse, they legally took advantage of him (didn’t break any laws, just used what he didn’t know against him).  So they were legally able to pay him about $318.00 (at the time - now it's significantly higher) less than he should have received every single week. Then they sent him to a doctor they said he had to go to (an insurance company doctor).  They even had a nurse case manager go to every appointment and then meet with the doctor after the appointment – without him even there - to talk about his injuries, his treatment and his future.

Mike and his family were struggling to make ends meet and he wasn’t really getting better.  The insurance doctor wouldn’t listen to him or recommend any additional treatment (the insurance doc probably thought it was too expensive or that the insurance company wouldn’t authorize it).  

As he and his wife sat in my office and I explained the law, the regulations, the case decisions and how it could have been different, they both slumped in their chairs, looking at the floor, a mix of anger, embarrassment and anxiety.  They didn’t know.  It wasn’t fair.  I agreed with them 100%.

They made some critical mistakes. They had filed their claim in the wrong place (by signing the claim forms the insurance adjuster had sent them).  They thought it made sense to file it where they lived instead of where he was hurt (not knowing that because of his pre-injury income, with overtime and a holiday bonus, there was a big difference in the amount of benefits he would receive every week and in the future).  They had been told they needed to go to a doctor on the workers comp “panel” (they didn’t) and that they had to cooperate with the insurance company nurse who was assigned to “help” him (wrong).  They were never told they had a choice on any of this. 

These mistakes severely impacted their case and their ability to get back on track. I did what I could to help them, but since then I have devoted myself to making sure people have the information they need to make the best choices for themselves and their families. 

If you're one of those people don't make the mistake Mike made by waiting too long to call me. Call me now at 202-393-3320.

I could tell a thousands more stories about clients who went through what you are going through right now.  They came to us anxious, worried, frustrated and asking the same question: "who is going to take care of my bills and expenses while I'm injured or ill and can't work?" I love meeting with new clients because I know I can help them. The questions that they have and the situations that are causing them a lot of stress are always issues I have the answers to, simply because I have solved these same problems so many times before. And I love being able to share those solutions with people who need assurance that their future is going to be protected and everything is going to be okay.

We Step Into Our Clients' Shoes And Guide Them Through The Process

No matter what the type of injury, any person dealing with the insurance company has the same set of problems. They don't know if they can or should trust the insurance company. They don't know how what they say or don't say will affect their future.

They don't know how to talk to the insurance company, or what the process looks like for claiming benefits and getting a settlement. They don't know if they are being low-balled or manipulated.

That's where I step in with my team. We act as the representative of our clients to the insurance company, and we deal with insurance on their behalf. Our clients never have to worry about what to say to the insurance company, or what to do if they aren't getting as much money as they should. At Donahoe Kearney we understand how to beat the insurance company at their own game, and we do that for our clients over and over again.

We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

These are all pictures of real clients we helped through really difficult situations by guiding them through the process so they can stand up to the insurance company. We help them turn tragic situations into new starts and new opportunities. They came to us wondering how they were going to make it through. We made sure they felt confident that they would, and then walked with them every step until they did.

Give Us A Call To Find Out How We Can Bring Stability To Your Life While You're Out Of Work

I could tell you that I'm a nationally recognized, Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and that I've won or settled hundreds and hundreds of cases. I could tell you that I've written books and do speaking engagements about beating the insurance company at their own game after a serious injury. And if you want to learn more about that, visit my bio page here.

I can tell you we hire the most aggressive, well-organized, empathic paralegals who hustle to get our clients results and stand up to the insurance company every day.

Things things are all true. But the most important thing is that I bring results: stability to you and your family while you can't work. 

I've developed a 3 Part Plan to show you how having me as your attorney will lead you to the results you want; steady income or income reimbursement, medical treatment, health and healing, and a secure future.

Step 1 is to call and speak with Summer, our Client Experience Specialist. She will ask you some key questions that will help us to give you some answers right away .Contact us at 202-393-3320 and my team will show you how it works. 

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