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Cerebral palsy can be caused by injury to the brain or abnormal development of the brain, usually before birth. Many of the signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy can be seen when the child is an infant or preschooler.

A child's cerebral palsy is often caused by an injury to the brain, for example due to lack of oxygen, just before birth or the abnormal development of the baby's brain before birth.

Sometimes cerebral palsy is caused by medical malpractice - failing to deliver the baby who is in fetal distress, not recognizing the fetal distress, not coming to the hospital to evaluate the mom and baby when that should have been done, etc.  Many times cerebral palsy is not due to medical malpractice but is due to an abnormal development of the baby's brain before birth.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy, according to the Mayo Clinic:

Spasticity - stiff muscles and exaggerated reflexes

Rigidity - stiff muscles with normal reflexes

Ataxia - lack of muscle coordination

Delays in pushing up, sitting up and crawling

Difficulty walking

Difficulty sucking or eating

Speech delays

Other neurological problems can include seizures, vision and hearing problems and intellectual disabilities, cognitive disabilities and mental retardation.

Of course, there are many other signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy and sometimes it may effect only one side of the body and may only affect movement and not intellectual abilities.

In our view, the cause of any child's significant injury or developmental delay should be investigated.